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RandM Tornado 8000 Puffs Vape

RandM Tornado 8000 Puffs Vape

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  • Puffs: 8000 Puffs
  • E-Liquid: 16ML of E-liquid.
  • Coil Type: Mesh Coil
  • Battery Capacity: Integrated 850mAh Battery
  • Airflow Control
  • Nicotine Free
  • Battery Rechargeable
  • 31 Flavors Available

The RandM Tornado 8000 Disposable is the next generation of vaping device, giving a remarkable 8000 puffs and unprecedented performance to its users. You can see this design for the adult user who aims for convenience and portability in mind, this device has a lot to offer in terms of usability.  E-liquid filling has been done with pre-loaded 16 ml tank, so user doesn’t have to struggle with refilling manually and can enjoy a pure and consistent flavour from the first puff until the very last. Its 1-ohm mesh coil lets you hit the flavour right away and enjoy every draw with a rich and sophisticated taste. Take your smoking experience to the next level with the R and M Tornado 8000.

The vape of Tornado 8000 is seen with a rechargeable battery of 850mAh. It contains a Type C port for fast charging in order to promote an environmentally friendly way through users' ability of recharge not discard it. The users can get a trouble free and an almost three-hours vaping session with the charging made possible by the Type C port in three hours. The Tornado 8000’s safety and ease of use being at the top of the priorities, the device adopts a non-mechanical mod. Thanks to the addition of visual attraction factor by using RGB LEDs the device becomes much more attractive, turning into fashionable accessory for vapers.

The R&M Tornado Vape 8000 has a sleek and modern design that is further enhanced by an airflow adjustment functionality, which allows for a customized vaping experience that suits each individual taste. The Tornado 8000 with its mouth-to-lung airflow type is suitable for all vaping preferences, providing a sensation of satisfaction to all users.

The RandM Tornado 8000 are the 12 different flavours, offering a variety to satisfy different preferences. This vape device which lean easy on one's pocket is highly user-friendly, subsequently, guaranteeing a barrier-free experience to the users. The Tornado Vape 8000 has a low-maintenance design and shows outstanding 8000 puff capacity. It provides a very reliable vape and a high performance of outstanding quality.

The Tornado Monkey vape attracts our interest as it has the amazing capacity of 8000 puffs, meaning that vaping is possible for such a long time before the need for a replacement arises. This second is also a space-saving choice for people who have to pay attention to their budget and still want to strike a balance while acquiring the best performance.

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  1. Mr. Blue: Mr. Blue combines with the blue fruits to show a unique flavour profile that keeps vapers coming back for more. The magic of Mr. Blue is not just in its ingredients but in balance of the blend. Each element is carefully balanced and it raises Mr. Blue from a mere e-liquid to a masterpiece of vaping indulgence.
  2. Lush Ice: The menthol addon with Lush Ice gives the flavour of succulent fruits and delivers a cool vaping experience. The Lush Ice vaping experience results in an enhanced flavour. Vapers can anticipate a complete flavour experience that gradually builds with every inhale and a refreshing exhale that leaves a coolness.
  3. Cool Mint: The coolness of Cool Mint is a menthol flavour and gives a clean and refreshing vaping experience. One of the key attractions of Cool Mint is its versatility. Cool Mint's adaptability ensures a consistently satisfied vaping experience.
  4. Banana Ice: The creamy banana flavour, along with the cool menthol kick, delivers a smooth and satisfying r and m vaping sensation. Vapers can expect a velvety inhale, where the creamy banana takes then a refreshing exhale that leaves a cool finish.
  5. Pina Colada : The exotic blend of pineapple and coconut creates a luscious Pina Colada experience. The aroma of Pina Colada is a tropical mix with a sweet and fruity taste, and visually, the e-liquid often has the vibrancy of vaping.
  6. Honeydew Ice Cream: You can feel the sweetness of honeydew melon blended with the creamy richness of ice cream. This flavour provides a delightful fruity and creamy taste and creates a luscious and refreshing vaping experience.
  7. Red Bull: This flavour is the bold and refreshing flavour of Red Bull. This vape captures the essence of the popular energy drink, providing a zesty experience. The refreshing quality of Red Bull extends beyond taste to the overall vaping sensation it delivers. The e-liquid's ability to capture the energetic essence of the popular beverage is what sets it apart, and it gives vapers a unique experience of Red Bull.
  8. Cherry Lychee: It is a unique fusion of sweet cherries and exotic lychee. This flavour gives a delightful sweetness and tropical flair and offers a refreshing and vibrant vape. When vaped on a warm summer day, this flavour adapts sweet flavour even on various occasions.
  9. Cotton Pear: You can find the juicy taste of ripe pears blended with the softness of cotton candy. Cotton Pear provides a sweet and airy vaping option that is both comforting and flavourful. The addition of cotton candy contributes a light and airy quality to the vaping sensation. Vapers can expect a blend of sweet and soft tastes with each inhale then makes the Cotton Pear a delightful option for those seeking a comforting and enjoyable vape.
  10. Grape Orange: Have a taste of a blend of succulent grapes and zesty oranges. Grape Orange is the mix of sweetness of grapes with the oranges and creates a fruity vaping experience. Vapers can expect a sweetness which is flavourful but also vibrant and refreshing. The fruity and refreshing qualities make Grape Orange a suitable choice for those looking to add a touch of brightness to their vaping routine.
  11. Pomegranate Ice: You can have the icy freshness of menthol paired with the sweet flavour of pomegranate. Pomegranate Ice offers a cooling and flavourful vape that is perfect for those who enjoy a fruity menthol sensation. Visually, Pomegranate Ice often has an inviting colour, thus reflecting the richness of its pomegranate.
  12. Red Apple Melon: This flavour has the crispness of red apples paired with the juiciness of ripe melons. Red Apple Melon provides a refreshing and fruity vaping experience with a perfect balance of sweetness. Red Apple Melon is its perfect balance of sweetness. The natural sweetness of the red apples is added by the juicy sweetness of the melons, resulting in the best flavour profile. Vapers can expect a good taste experience of Red Apple.

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