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Box Of 10 RandM Tornado 9000 Puffs Disposable Vape

Box Of 10 RandM Tornado 9000 Puffs Disposable Vape

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  • E-Liquid: 18ML of E-liquid
  • Coil Type: Mesh Coil
  • Battery Capacity: Integrated 850mAh Battery
  • 50+ Flavors Available
  • Nicotine Free 
  • Battery Recharageble

The R&M Tornado 9000 Disposable is an exceptional flavoured vape option designed for adult use and convenience. This portable 9000 puff device comes pre-filled with e-liquids in a 18mL capacity, removing the need to manually refill and ensuring flavour consistency from start to finish. The integrated 0.8-ohm mesh coil maximises flavour delivery with every puff for a rich taste experience throughout the 9000 puffs. By focusing on an optimised puff count, user-friendly pre-filled design, and advanced flavour technology, the R&M Tornado offers adults a smooth, satisfying vaping experience in a fuss-free, ready-to-use format. This high-performing disposable vape provides portable, tailored satisfaction without hassle or maintenance required.

The rechargeable Tornado 9000 vape takes an eco-friendly approach with its 850mAh battery and Type C charging port for fast 3-hour recharging. This allows customers to reduce waste by recharging the battery instead of disposing of the entire device. The Tornado 9000 focuses on safety and simplicity in its non-mechanical mod design. Visually appealing RGB LEDs add stylish flair. Customers can customise their optimal vaping experience with the adjustable airflow on this modern device. From mouth-to-lung to direct inhaling, the airflow options accommodate diverse vaping styles. By underlining reusable technology, customisation, and user-centric design, the RandM Tornado 9000 aims to provide the best vaping experience in an eco-conscious way.

RandM Tornado 9000 comes with 33 flavours for customers to choose from and for different taste profiles. The RandM 9000 vape is quite simple to use, and the Tornado 9000 has a low-maintenance design. This satisfying 9000 puffs vape feature is designed to satisfy the demands of vapers who want the best performance and reliability.

The Tornado 9000 provides an amazing 9000 puffs, which assures you a long-time vaping condition before the need for a renewal. This RandM Tornado 9000 Disposable comes in a Pack of 10 at a discounted price.

Please find the best RandM Tornado 9000 wholesale prices and make your purchase conveniently through our online website.

Blueberry Raspberry: Tornado Vapes has an exotic blueberry raspberry e-juice that includes a flurry of blended fruity taste as you inhale the mix.

Mr. Blue: Mr. Blue will mesmerize the users with its unique flavour when it is blended with the blue fruits. Vapers would love to go for it again and again because of this kind of range.

Strawberry Watermelon: The juicy and watery watermelon and strawberries are offered for appreciation of their sweet and cool vape.

Orange Soda: The taste of orange soda offers an invigorating sensation, one that is commonly associated with carbonation due to its fizzy nature, which in turn refreshes the mind.

Watermelon Bubble Gum: The flavour of watermelon and gum is combined in the Tornado 9000 which amplifies the puff-and-vape pleasure with 9000.

Rainbow Candy: Rainbow Candy can offer you a taste of all the kinds of candies at the same time and the sweet mixture of various flavours.

Pink Lemonade: Pink Lemonade brings the blending vape juices the citruses of lemons and pink sweetness together ending into a refreshing and lemony taste.

Peachy Mango Pineapple: It is the unique combination that makes this flavour to tick all. It brings out this feeling of paradise on the planet.

Strawberry Banana: The harmonizing of strawberries ripened and well- cream bananas gives a swan or carrot shape that satisfies with its unique and timeless enjoyment make 9000 puffs pleasure.: Lush Ice: The Lush Ice offers a combination of these fruity flavours but along with menthol addon, it also delivers a feel of fresh ice to cool the vaping session.

Black Dragon Ice: The dark fruits are mixed with menthol in Black Dragon Ice and provides a bold and icy flavour of refreshing taste.

Aloe Grape: It is a unique blend that combines aloe vera with ripe grapes, resulting in a smooth for yummy vaping experience.

Blue Razz Ice: The blend of blue raspberry with menthol and Blue Razz Ice gives a cool and fruity vaping experience.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava: This exotic fusion of kiwi, passion fruit, and guava creates a rich and flavourful vape

Gummy Bear: The sweetness of Gummy Bea gives the fruity flavours of everyone's favourite chewy gummy candies.

Raspberry Watermelon

A combination of ripe raspberries and juicy watermelon provides a sweet and tangy flavour profile that satisfies every randm puff.

Mixed Berries: The Mixed Berries is a blend of mixed berries that shows a burst of fruitiness every inhale.

Cool Mint: The coolness of Cool Mint is a menthol flavour and gives a clean and refreshing vaping experience.

Peach Lemonade: Peach Lemonade is a refreshing mix that combines juicy peaches with the lemonade.

Guava Ice: The guava Ice flavour is sweet with the icy coolness of menthol for an exotic vaping sensation.

Strawberry Lemonade: The Strawberry Lemonade is a fusion of ripe strawberries with lemonade and gives vapers a satisfying flavour.

Banana Custard: The Banana Custard is a blend of the sweetness of ripe bananas with rich custard flavour.

Watermelon Razz Ice: It is the blend of watermelon and blue raspberry with a menthol and gives an icy and fruity taste.

Peach Berry: This blend is a juicy sweetness of ripe peaches and the mis of berries and gives a refreshing and balanced taste.

Strawberry Cream: The ripe strawberries are complemented by a velvety, smooth creaminess and then give a heavenly, tasty vape experience.

Sour Candy: Sour Candy is a mix of favourite sour candies that keeps your taste with candy vaping.

Cherry: The Cherry flavour is a sweet mix of succulent cherries, and it is known as a crowd-pleaser for best fruity vape.

Lemon Lime: The blend of Lemon Lime has the lemons with the tartness of limes and creates a refreshing randm 9000 vape.

Fizzy Cherry: Fizzy Cherry adds a cherry taste and then creates a fizzy experience for every puff.

Blueberry Cherry Cranberry: This triple flavour brings together the sweetness of blueberries, cherries, and cranberries for randm vapers.

Vimto: The exotic blend of berries, grapes, and herbs in Vimto gives a satisfying taste that is unique from others randm flavours.

Black Ice: Black Ice flavour combines the blackberries with a cooling menthol and gives refreshing puffs.

Skittles: The Skittles bring the fruity taste of the popular candy to your beverage, which has a rainbow of flavours from citrusy to berry, and experience a delightful puff.

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